Basic printing


For special printing features, refer to the Advanced Guide (see Using advanced print features).



If you are a Macintosh or Linux operating systems user, refer to the Advanced Guide (see Macintosh printing or Linux printing).

The following Printing Preferences window is for Notepad in Windows 7.

  1. Open the document you want to print.

  2. Select Print from the File menu.

  3. Select your machine from the Select Printer list.

  4. The basic print settings including the number of copies and print range are selected within the Print window.


    To take advantage of the advanced printing features, click Properties or Preferences from the Print window (see Opening printing preferences).

  5. To start the print job, click OK or Print in the Print window.

Canceling a print job

If the print job is waiting in the print queue or print spooler, cancel the job as follows:

  • You can access this window by simply double-clicking the machine icon () in the Windows task bar.

  • You can also cancel the current job by pressing (Stop/Clear) on the control panel.

Opening printing preferences

  • The Printing Preferences window that appears in this user’s guide may differ depending on the machine in use.

  • When you select an option in Printing Preferences, you may see a warning mark or . An mark means you can select that certain option but it is not recommended, and an mark means you cannot select that option due to the machine’s setting or environment.

  1. Open the document you want to print.

  2. Select Print from the file menu. The Print window appears.

  3. Select your machine from the Select Printer.

  4. Click Properties or Preferences.


    You can check the machine’s current status pressing the Printer Status button (see Using Samsung Printer Status ).

Using a favorite setting

The Presets option, which is visible on each preferences tab except for the Samsung tab, allows you to save the current preferences for future use.

To save a Presets item, follow these steps:

  1. Change the settings as needed on each tab.

  2. Enter a name for the item in the Presets input box.

  3. Click (Add). When you save Presets, all current driver settings are saved.


Select more options and click (Update), settings will be added to the Presets you made. To use a saved setting, select it from the Presets drop-down list. The machine is now set to print according to the settings you have selected.To delete saved settings, select it from the Presets drop-down list and click (Delete).

You can also restore the printer driver’s default settings by selecting Default Preset from the Presets drop-down list.

Using help

Click the option you want to know on the Printing Preferences window and press F1 on your keyboard.

Eco printing

The Eco function cuts toner consumption and paper usage. The Eco function allows you to save print resources and lead you to eco-friendly printing.

If you press the Eco button from the control panel, eco mode is enabled. The default setting of Eco mode is Multiple Pages per Side (2) and Toner Save.

Setting Eco mode on the control panel


If your has machine for +/- buttons on the control panel or the machine is not supported network (see Control panel overview):

You can set the machine’s settings by using the Device Settings in Samsung Easy Printer Manager program or Machine section in Printer Settings Utility program.

  • The settings set from the machine’s driver override the settings on the control panel.

  • Accessing menus may differ from model to model (see Accessing the menu).

  • It may be necessary to press OK to navigate to lower-level menus for some models.

  1. Select (Menu) > System Setup > Machine Setup > Eco Settings on the control panel.

  2. Select the option you want and press OK.

    • Default ModeSelect this to turn on or off the eco mode. (Toner save/2-up)

      • Off: Set the eco mode off.

      • On: Set the eco mode on.


      If you set the eco mode on with a password from the SyncThru™ Web Service (Settings tab > Machine Settings > System > Eco > Settings) or Samsung Easy Printer Manager (Device Settings > Eco), the On force message appears. You have to enter the password to change the eco mode status.

    • Select Temp. Follow the settings from Syncthru™ Web Service or Samsung Easy Printer Manager. Before you select this item, you must set the eco function in SyncThru™ Web Service (Settings tab > Machine Settings > System > Eco > Settings) or Samsung Easy Printer Manager (Device Settings > Eco).

      • Default Eco: The machine is set to Default Eco mode.

      • Custom Eco: Change any necessary values.

  3. Press OK to save the selection.

Setting eco mode on the driver

Open the Eco tab to set Eco mode. When you see the eco image (), that means the eco mode is currently enabled.

Eco options
  • Printer DefaultFollows the settings from the machine's control panel.

  • NoneDisables Eco mode.

  • Eco PrintingEnables eco mode. Activate the various Eco items you want to use.

  • PasswordIf the administrator fixed to enable the Eco mode, you have to enter the password to change the status.

Result simulator

Result Simulator shows the results of reduced emission of carbon dioxide, used electricity, and the amount of saved paper in accordance with the settings you selected.

  • The results are calculated on the basis that the total number of printed paper is one hundred without a blank page when the Eco mode is disabled.

  • Refers to the calculation coefficient about CO2, energy, and paper from IEA, the index of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication of Japan and Each model has a different index.

  • The power consumption in printing mode refers to the average printing power consumption of this machine.

  • The actual amount displayed is only an estimate as the actual amount may differ depending on the operating system used, computing performance, application software, connection method, media type [thickness], media size, job complexity, etc.