Using Smart Panel

Smart Panel is a program that monitors and informs you of the machine’s status, and allows you to customize the machine’s settings. You can download Smart Panel from the Samsung website (see Installing the Smart Panel).

  • The Smart Panel window and its contents shown in this user’s guide may differ depending on the machine or operating system in use.

  • Check the operating system(s) that are compatible with your machine (see Specifications).

  • The Smart Panel is available for Linux OS users only (see Software).

Smart Panel overview

If an error occurs while operating, you can check the error from the Smart Panel. You can also launch Smart Panel manually.

Double-click the Smart Panel icon() in the Notification Area.


Toner Level

You can view the level of toner remaining in each toner cartridge. The machine and the number of toner cartridge(s) shown in the above window may differ depending on the machine in use. If you cannot see this feature, it is not applicable to your machine.


Buy Now

You can order replacement toner cartridge(s) from online.


User’s Guide

You can view the online User’s Guide.


This button opens the Troubleshooting Guide when an error occurs. You can directly open the troubleshooting section in the user’s guide.


Printer Setting

You can configure various machine settings in the Printer Settings Utility window. Some machines do not have this feature.


If you connect your machine to a network, the SyncThru™ Web Service window appears instead of the Printer Settings Utility.

Changing Smart Panel’s settings

Right-click in Linux on the Smart Panel icon and select Configure smart panel. Select the settings you want from the Configure smart panel window.